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Now available in Audiobook, paperback and kindle this murder novel will amaze the reader as it takes the reader through the fictional account of life in the Navy aboard a fictional cargo ship. The main character is Lieutenant Bob Cantley is a maverick Navy Supply Corps officer. The story takes place in the 1980's when racial tensions were high. It takes readers from Bob's entry into the Navy right through his first ship and onward to his final ship (USS SAN CLEMENTE AFS-16) where he meets up with a ruthless Navy Skipper, Captain Manzack, known as the "SPINE RIPPER." The Skipper is an abusive drunk and hates everyone, including supply officers and all minorities. A murder takes place on board the SAN CLEMENTE. This novel sheds light on the way sailors behave during deployments, how they think, and the lives they lead while deployed. It also reflects on the many moral and ethical dilemmas that face sailors in the U.S. Navy. When Lt. Cantley meets Captain Manzack for the first time he realizes his career is doomed. There is intrigue, sex, mayhem, mischief, and too many crimes that will make your head spin. A courts-martial ensures at the end of the book and you will never be able to guess the outcome. Initial responses about the books content by a retired supply corps rear admiral said the book has a great ending, while the Chairman Chairman of Board for the Centre for Study of Intelligence Operations says this book..."Is just awesome!" An active duty female Captain said, "The book is spot on with the language and way people acted in the 80s, and the book also had a great ending!"
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