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Title : Streamline Your Life: How to Do Less & Still Get it All Done
Category : Books
Do you often feel stressed, irritated, and exhausted? Do you feel torn between conflicting values? Feel like you can't fit it all in? As a single mom and career woman, I've identified the 5 major areas we all need to focus on in order to enjoy a successful, balanced, and healthy lifestyle. A busy life doesn't always mean a happy life. Often, we spend our time on the urgent and superficial, yet neglect the important and the necessary. We only realize we are out of balance when a crisis strikes: a job loss, a health problem, a child strays, a divorce. This short book will show you how to: 1) identify the 5 main areas we all need to attend to 2) guide you into work/life balance as the seasons of your life change 3) reduce stress by integrating your daily activities to meet your goals 4) give you more time by eliminating distractions and unnecessary commitments
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Akudaaya: A tale of the dead and the living.
Category : Books
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