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Title : Parenting with Soul
Category : Books
What if your life is a mirrored recollection of your beliefs and could be changed tomorrow? As science, psychology, and spirituality come together to provide evidence to how our beliefs and thoughts impact our lives, people are discovering that their outcomes in life stem from internal thoughts and beliefs rather than external barriers. Parenting with Soul provides a road map to love where adults and children can discover what their souls are truly calling them to be; free from thoughts and beliefs that lead to fear and the worries of the past and future. Many adults parent from old school beliefs that the world is dangerous, resources are scarce, and the world is in competition for these limited resources. By adopting beliefs that the world is loving and abundant, a parent supports a life for a child based in hope and joy rather than fear. When parenting from a fear or an ego perspective, adults are passing down beliefs to their children that lead to negative emotions, thus preventing them from realizing their full potential. Parenting with Soul asks parents and/or caregivers to assess their beliefs and level of happiness as a determining factor in making the decision to be a parent.
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