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Title : Pummeled
Category : Books
How does a girl go from being an innocent five-year-old to the most dangerous fighter the UFC never saw? Meet Bree Aniston, the central character of PUMMELED, an action-drama that chronicles two decades in the tumultuous life of a girl forced to discover the limits of her strengths, both physically and mentally. Following the sudden death of her father, Bree is forced to grow up as her grief-stricken mother plunges into a world of alcoholism and domestic abuse. When Bree is introduced to the world of mixed martial arts, she not only finds intrigue in the sport, but discovers her own exceptional talents as a fighter. Dominating school fights with bullies leads to professional fight training, which leads to the promise of Olympic glory. Eventually, the outlet for her anger and appetite to fight guides Bree to the dangerous underground scene where she must mask her identity if she is to stay on course. Unfortunately, she soon discovers the mammoth challenge of forcing her troubled past to finally tap out.
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This Nightmare Called Life (Colt Investigations #2)
Category : Books
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