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Title : Rescuing the Countess
Category : Books
A Countess unhappily married, a Viscount forbidden the one he loves, an accident that leads to death, an accusation, a highwayman’s plot uncovered, a love that defies all odd. Maria Wollstonefort, Countess of Granville, has rapidly come to regret her marriage. For her husband’s mother is domineering, and makes her life a misery, while her husband does nothing to defend or support her. She despairs of ever being happy again. Charles Barrington, Viscount Wareham, has loved Maria for many years, since they were children growing up as neighbours. But he was only a third son, until the wars changed everyone’s fortunes, and not seen as a suitable match for her. Now Maria is wedded to another, and he is a man in love, who can never act on that love. Life seems bleak, yet he cannot simply ignore Maria, no matter how much it hurts to see her, for he senses that she has troubles to deal with. When he offers her unconditional support, should she call upon him, neither of them expect that to ever happen. But when gossip, highwaymen and accidents come into play, he finds himself, and his family, called upon to save her. Can either of them be happy? Will fate deliver a way for their lost love to grow again? Or will death steal everything from them both?
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