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Title : My Positive Face Of Disfigurement
Category : Books
This is a Human story of Courage... David was born with a very rare medical condition known as a Vascular Anomaly causing a severe disfigurement to the right side of his head, face, eye and mouth. As a child growing up and right through to his teenage years and even beyond, he had to cope with the rudeness of people who were constantly staring, of verbal abuse and worst of all, intimidation. Life was hard for him and he felt lost and lonely. Several attempts at chatting up girls ended by him giving up all hope of ever meeting someone special, someone who would care for him and to treat him as a normal human being, but then just by fate he happened to go to a party... With the love of his dear wife, family, friends and an amazing charity called "Changing Faces", he began to gain self-confidence. His positive thinking has opened up a whole new world enabling him to give talks to groups of people about his experiences, this in turn has helped others to overcome their fears of coping with their facial and body differences. David's self-esteem has sky rocketed so much that it has changed his way of thinking to that of a very philosophical person. This is a true description, a story of verbal abuse, sadness, love and happiness, it's also an account telling of a life that was once never imagined! This book will help YOU change your own outlook on disfigurement, to make you and your loved ones' lives better, and also of how ordinary every day people should react to people like himself. Read David's inspiring story and learn what it was really like to be a disfigured person in an age where people expect perfection, where disfigurement of any kind is frowned upon.
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