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Title : Forever Turn The Midnight Carousel
Category : Books
The Last Turn of the Midnight Carousel is the fourth book by author and poet former performer of the Poetry Project, Matthew Abuelo. This collection of poetry and short fiction starts off by focusing on disappearing New York which gave birth to the idea of the city of misfits when it was still dirty and not so family friendly. The people and places which made New York City what it was, was a common theme in his past works especially in his works known as The News Factory but unlike the author’s past work, several poems and short pieces of fiction in The Turn of the Midnight Carousel focuses on loved ones who succumbed to illnesses, both mental disorders and cancer. In one story Matthew Abuelo created a fictional account of a friend’s stay at a non-descript mental ward which had more of the feel of a suffocating haunted house than a hospital environment. The patients who reside in the ward move along like the spirits of what the author referred to as the forgotten and don’t seem to have a connection to any particular time or place but seem rather more like fish in a bowl with no destination. In several of his poems, Mr. Abuelo laments for the treatment of some of his former neighbors who still reside at one of the last SROs in New York City. His aim in these pieces is to capture their humanity in its purist form. He makes no apologies for depicting these veterans on the Upper Side as saints of sorts who represent, not God but their own brilliance or self-destruction. He also pays ode to one of these characters, a former dog walker who passed away but still seems to maintain presence in the neighborhood. Other pieces in this collection make mention of lost places including CBGBs and restaurants which he forgot the actual location of but still has the memory of spending time there many a night. At the heart of the demise of both the places and people he writes about are the greedy New York City landlords who, with the aim to keep their financial coffers full, raise their rents to the point of putting out iconic landmarks. When it comes to the tenants, these building owners doesn’t seem to have a of bringing in thugs for hire who make life unbearable with threats of assault or other forms for harm. Other methods of clearing out these buildings, Mr. Abuelo writes about some of the endless trials in eviction cases where the judges become little more than filing clerks for the landlords.
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