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Title : "I Will Repay" - the 11th novelette of the fantasy novel-cycle "The Songs of Peter Sliadek" by Henry Lion Oldie
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"I Will Repay", is the 11th novelette of the fantasy novel-cycle The Songs of Peter Sliadek by Henry Lion Oldie is available for purchase: Amazon: Smashwords: Historical adventure and poetic fantasy & horror; Medieval Europe. 16,110 words, only $0,99! There are always three Storetzes that live in the village of Yablonez. If a fourth one is born, one of the original three has to die. If a Storetz likes someone, this person will be lucky and happy. If a Storez doesn’t like someone, misfortune, illnesses, and lethal accident will follow such a person until he dies. "I Will Repay" is the 11th novelette of the novel-cycle The Songs of Peter Sliadek by Henry Lion Oldie. The entire novel consists of 12 novelettes. The book received the "Sigma-F" Grand Prize at "Sigma-F Conference" in Moscow, Russia in 2005. Now it is available in English! Also the novelette "I Will Repay" received the "Portal" award at the 2nd International SF & Fantasy Assembly of Portal (Kiev, Ukraine, 2005). 8 hard cover editions are in Russian! Now for the first time in English! Book trailer: Translators: Irena Pevzner, Michael Pevzner (Israel) Editor: Melissa Bikichky (USA) Proofreaders: Avery Cunningham (USA), Ekaterina Kimaeva (Canada) Cover painting: Vladimir Bondar (Ukraine) Cover design: Bronya Gromova (Ukraine) Book trailer: Bronya Gromova (Ukraine) H. L. Oldie's official English WEB-site: Welcome!
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