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Title : gopHER: A Femme Domme Erotica SciFi Suspense Crossover
Category : Books
Kaid Walton is a typical guy, only after one thing. He’s young, gorgeous, and extremely wealthy. When he sees Naomi Krane across the dance floor one night, he loses interest in everyone else in the room. Naomi seemed to draw Kaid in by some strange magic he was powerless to resist, not that he wanted to resist. Little did he know, Naomi would let him think he had the upper hand, only to flip the switch, and take ultimate control. Naomi Krane belongs to a secret society of Dommes, called the Femme Noir, who use the modern world’s obsession with access to cell phone technology against them. Led by their fierce and pitiless leader, Mistress Eris, the Femme Noir target male subjects and add them to their Collection. The Femme Noir is very protective of its secrets, stopping at nothing to protect them. Naomi and her new boy toy, Kaid, are plunged into a tumultuous nightmare that lands them in the cross-hairs of the Femme Noir. gopHER is a twisted tale that combines Femme Domme Erotica, Science Fiction and Suspense with a hint of Conspiracy Theory elements. The first in the Man Farm Series, by R.J. Castille, this standalone novel is sure to bridge gaps for genre fans everywhere.
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