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Suddenly being good isn’t so easy . . . Amber Lewis may be the most eager — if not the prettiest — deputy ever to join the Ridgewood Sheriff’s Department. She is new to the career and to Ridgewood, and she is determined to prove she is every bit as qualified to do her job as any guy. After being filled in on town gossip, Amber sets her sights on the ruggedly gorgeous, local bad boy, Trey Dodds. Trey is not only the town’s derelict, but rumor has it, he is filthy rich. Rich and terrible, makes Trey Dodds an obvious target for law enforcement, but no one has the nerve to stand up to him. Amber pulls Trey over for being a nuisance, a move that has unintended consequences. What then happens? Did Amber have to admit to Trey how much she needs him?
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Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy
Category : Books
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