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Title : Investing in Brokenness: Lessons from Living with an Addict
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Are you struggling to rescue your friend or family member from addiction? Discover a powerful method to help your loved one navigate the road to recovery. Is an addict ruling your life? Does your friend or family member’s regressive behavior leave you feeling frustrated? Are you running low on options and hope for a full recovery? Matt Moore has spent over 25 years developing professional treatment programs. But his firsthand experience in helping his own brother overcome decades of substance abuse is what makes his methodology so profound. Now Moore is here to show you how to help your loved one create life-altering change. Investing in Brokenness: Lessons from Living with an Addict is a step-by-step support system for empowering drug-dependent friends or family members along their recovery journey. Vividly illuminated with personal accounts, you’ll learn how to offer meaningful aid and encouragement at every stage of their return to sobriety. Through Moore’s methods, you’ll help your loved one finally break the cycle of resistance and regression and embrace a new drug-free future. In Investing in Brokenness, you'll discover: - Fundamentals of the Change Process and how to help loved ones stay focused on recovery - Techniques to ensure you aren’t enabling destructive behavior, but are part of the solution - How to offer the right kind of support and structure to maximize positive outcomes - The Three Essentials you'll need to help an addict in their journey towards sobriety - The innovative "Good Life" model for empowering progress, and much, much more! Investing in Brokenness is a life-changing how-to manual designed for anyone supporting an addict’s recovery. If you like real-world examples, practical techniques, and straightforward advice from an experienced professional, then you’ll love Matt Moore's powerful program. Buy Investing in Brokenness to pave the way for your loved one’s recovery today!
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