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Title : Spyglass (The Vision Chronicles, Book 2)
Category : Books
With the help of a close friend and the changing ability to see the future, Mike Lewis escapes New York. Free from those who pursued him, he begins a new life in Juarez, Mexico as James Lewis. Now, he sees future images through a spyglass. The visions are more exact and clear. Through the spyglass, James sees a completely new future that includes a wife and family. It’s exactly what he’s always wanted but Danny, the new love of his life, is skittish. She’s been terrorized by Nate Potter for the past six years and fears that her interest in James will cause Nate to harm him. The nasty-tempered stalker intimidated and scared away any previous romantic interest. James wants to protect Danny and share a life with her, but Nate’s attacks escalate. Each one grows more violent and vicious. Nate’s out for blood and focused on James. If James can’t stop him, Nate will turn the anger and rejection on Danny. The thought of that sickens James. He’s more determined than ever to protect the woman and future he loves. He uses the spyglass visions to keep an eye on the man who threatens everything he desires. Spyglass, the second book in The Vision Chronicles, continues where Kaleidoscope left off and covers a slice-of-life during the next eight weeks in this paranormal thriller series.
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Category : Books
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