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Main ingredients : Ingredients 1 : 1 tbsp Oil goring 2 pieces of orange leaves 2 cm Galangal, crushing 1/2 teaspoon Salt Sugar 1 bunch Leaves basil Ingredients 2 : 5 large red chili 3 Onions Onion 2 cloves of garlic 2 grains of Pecan Blend the ingredients of ingredients 2 with Turbo Chopper, then set aside. Heat the cooking oil in TChef Wok Pan, saute the finer spices, orange leaves, galangal sugar & salt fragrant & mature. Spread the chicken meat with fine spices & pickled basil leaves the leaves are evenly distributed. Put it on Steam It! with a sheet of banana leaf, steamed 20 Minute Lift & served directly in Steam It!
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