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Title : Coloring within the Limericks
Category : Books
What does an owl, Lilly Rainbow, Ben, Phillip, a leprachaun, Murray, a woman in a revolving door, and Mr. F. Shui have in common? These and other funny, kooky and unique characters are all part of "Coloring within the Limericks!" For parents, and children (9+) to share chuckles and enjoy a fun coloring experience. For teachers who are looking for a fun and appropriate way to introduce the limerick form of poetry to students at a young age. Also for any adult who enjoys coloring and reading limericks that will make your funny bone chuckle. Perfect for everyday fun, learning or to be given as a gift, this coloring book contains: • 16 Limericks written about an assortment of funny, kooky, and lovable characters that are appropriate for kids. • 25 coloring pages that illustrate the 16 limericks. • Some limericks are holiday-related, and some are spooky and can relate to Halloween. • Each drawing has a blank back page. ALSO available as an e-book titled "A Burst of Limericks" for .99.
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Category : Books
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