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Title : Stream of Light (The Vision Chronicles, Book 6)
Category : Books
More than anything else, James Lewis desires to protect his pregnant wife and fulfill her dreams. Danny yearns for a beautiful formal wedding and a healthy delivery of the twins she is carrying. Unfortunately, like the boogey-man, the stalker always manages to terrify her. Danny is convinced the bastard wants her dead and will stop at nothing to see that end. She worries incessantly that the company chasing her husband will take him from her. James now sees visions of the future through a stream of light, but each method grows increasingly disorienting. When using this particular powerful connection, he’s often lost in another plane and loses time. It’s a risk he's willing to take to protect and defend Danny and the family he loves. Stream of Light is the sixth book in the Vision Chronicles and picks up where Open Spaces left off. Continue the journey during the next eight weeks of this slice-of-life paranormal thriller.
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