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Title : Rise Up to Yourself: Greater Success Awaits
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Would you like greater success in your life? Do you want to feel more competent and confident? Would you like tools that can help you to become the person you want to be? Do you like more influence in the workplace? If you do, you want to read Rise Up to Yourself, Greater Success Awaits. This book of 48 chapters provides you with strategies, methods, and techniques for gaining soft skills, which many employers feel more important than technical or career skills. If you are willing to improve or develop these skills, you can increase your potential. Thus, you can make yourself more hirable, help keep your job, or increase your chance for promotion. When you feel competent and confident, you meet your goals easier and achieve greater success personally and professionally. Stress diminishes or dissipates. Then, when you develop soft skills to complement your technical or career skills, you become your best self. • Overcome procrastination • Become more assertive • Complete tasks easier • Achieve goals • Make wise decisions • Overcome fear • Visualize • Become more disciplined • Increase motivation • Manage change • Handle situations as they happen • Take risks for success • Resolve conflict • Overcome Failure • Let go of negative messages • Gain new self-talk • Develop an “I can" attitude • Gain greater flexibility • And Much more
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