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Title : The Journey
Category : Books
Katherine Rutherford Barrett’s late father nicknamed her Katy. He joked that ‘Katydid’ what she wanted. In reality, his daughter had lived a relatively sheltered life. Other than trying pot once in college, she hadn’t done much of anything other than rear her young daughter. Katy wants a ‘normal’ life—a nice home, a dependable job, a husband to kiss her when he comes home from work, and her daughter’s happiness. After eleven years as a single mom, she thought she’d found that in Chuck and gave her heart to him. Chuck insisted she follow him to his hometown in Asheville, NC—and she did. Katy gave up everything familiar and dear in Florida just to be near him. He’s awakened desires she never knew existed and she can’t resist his allure. Little did she know that the man she’d fallen for was a monster. She discovers that reuniting with family and friends who shaped his early life brought out the worst in Chuck. Once kind and unassuming as he pursued Katy with flowers and endearments to melt any woman’s heart, he’s now controlling, abusive, and frightening. He hurts her in the most horrible of ways and often turns his anger on Sammy. Katy has to escape—if not for herself then for Sammy, her eleven-year-old daughter. When Chuck grows suspicious of her intentions, he threatens there’s no place to run or hide that he won't find her. Terrified, she determinedly devises a plan of escape. The moment it’s implemented, Chuck’s hot on her trail. Read one woman’s terrifying journey as she carefully plans and closely listens to the guidance of an inner voice. (Some graphic adult content; not suitable for those under 17.)
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