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Title : The Trail in the Woods
Category : Books
Science Fiction Thriller available on Description: Something or someone has encapsulated an entire valley on Earth. The valley is called “The Valley of the Gods” and is given a perfect environment for people to live in. The valley is like a Garden of Eden and designed as an ideal place for an experiment. People hiking on a trail towards the valley have disappeared over the years and never been heard from again. Even the search parties that went looking for the missing people disappeared. Something evil lives on the trail and controls the valley. Two childhood friends set out on a courageous adventure to hike the abandoned overgrown trail to see if they can find out what has happened to the people. The two hikers have to use machetes to get through the thick brush on the trail. While on the trail, they are captured and are taken to the valley to live. In the valley, they meet people with gills and come face-to-face with the one who runs the valley, “The Tribulator”. He’s a Charles Manson type who thinks he is God. It’s a fight for survival for the two hikers as they fight the evil forces controlling the valley. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as the two hikers fight for their lives.
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