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Title : Time of Death The Story of Jared A graphic journey of an ER tech
Category : Books
Walk into a level one trauma emergency room through the eyes of Jared, an ER tech. He has seen and done it all, bagged the fresh dead, fought the spirits that just left the bodies, felt the pain and horror of death as the families wept. He has been a loner for a long time until he meets Jen. She is a new nurse to the ER. Enjoy the passion and desire when they both feel ignited with love. The gallows humor falls perfectly onto the floor and across the backboard that holds a fresh patient. Without humor to help handle the literal war zone of an ER medical types would go insane. They both have spiritual gifts and both have a job to do. However with these gifts comes sacrifice. Can they survive the spiritual battles and be together or does Jared have to leave Jen behind to finish what he was born to do in this world? Graphic moments with injured patients, not for the faint of heart but a glorious adventure with two very special people that work in a very difficult place
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"Last Night Out" by Ty Schwamberger
Category : Books
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