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Title : The Christmas Victory: A Gem of a Sermon, All Wrapped Up in a Historical Novel
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Powerful inspirational American Historical fiction novel: Historical fiction or Alternative history?: Aside from both being authors, what do the lives of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Mark Twain have in common? The answer: Both of their lives really did contain terrible tragedies, but, from which they eventually found real hope and spiritual meaning and fulfillment—at least in this novel. Get it to see how. This book is about one little sermon called “The Christmas Victory,” and one, even littler poem, called “Christmas Bells,” and how, fictionally, they both may have influenced and given hope to, not only the author of the poem, Henry W. Longfellow, but also his son, Charles, and Mark Twain, whom Charles meets. Though suffering tragic losses, these all eventually find hope and spiritual fulfillment--at least in this novel. Order your copy now to see how. (Click "Add to Cart" at the right) This book can serve as a means of encouragement and hope to those who may have suffered loses as well as to all of us who may do so at any time in the future.
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