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Title : Illicit Transgressions
Category : Books
The south is known for being a majestic place with the most hospitable residents, but this fictional novel will unearth the mystical and immoral secrets of the antebellum south. Master Boney is a beautiful southern belle, a wife, and one of the most ruthless women in the small southern town of Plat-eyes. Unable to find solace from her favorite bottle of wine, she starts to redirect her anger toward her husband and the slaves on the plantation. She is a tortured soul with a traumatic past that leads her down a path rooted in surreptitious behavior, infidelity, and alcoholism. She becomes more volatile after whooping cough diminishes the free slave labor that provides the Boney family prosperity. Her fear of losing her status as the exalted ruler of this small-town forces her to become more diabolical than ever before. She manipulates her husband into crossing the Atlantic with his associates to obtain more slaves to save the plantation and to save their marriage. However, there is a malevolent spirit lurking in the shadows and everything might not be what it seems.
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