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Title : "Littluns: And the Book of Darkness"
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A motion picture that only readers can experience. BLOG: SEE TABS at top of page. This has the most information including buying options, awards, reviews, and articles. WEBSITE: See sample chapter, video, and merchandising, and for purchasing the book. Also on the website: 1. Click on the MAP TAB. 2. Click on any one of the RED stars and it will take you into the map to characters and locations. 3. Return to MAP and repeat steps two and three to see this one-of-a-kind novel that takes readers from fantasy to reality and truth. IMAGINE FOR YOU, a novel that's a VERY different kind of movie; an experience like nothing you've ever read; an allegorical journey and adventure from a fantasy that takes you into reality and truth, from darkness into the light, and a place where the meaning of life becomes the essence of our being. For YOUNG ADULT and grown-up readers of all ages WHO LOVE allegorical ANIMATION-LIKE STORYTELLING, finally a novel has come that is more than just a novel - it's a present-tense journey, adventure, and personal experience like that of watching a movie, with the reader imagining the author's vision between his 63 COLOR illustrations, IN A 411 PAGE EPIC RUSH. For all seasons and all reasons, Littluns is a most different reading experience for you.
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