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Title : Staff
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Imagine the vengeance burning with the heart of a noble who has discovered that his Emperor killed his family and took all that they had. All that he had grown up with, all that he ever knew brutally ripped away. The fury of a farm boy now discovers what more he could have been until another stole his hearth, his home, his light. An artefact selects Francis to bring around what she calls justice, to correct the wrongs done in the name of power and wipe the slate clean and to destroy anyone that stands in their way. The staff of Ryak has destroyed dragons, it has burned away armies and carved a swathe of blood and pain through the world but now she has found a bearer with a burning fury that matches her own and Francis is gathering her fragments with nothing more than vengeance in his heart. There are pathways within the blackness of the soul even the darkest fear to tread and in the name of revenge, Francis must walk them. He travels with the woman he loves, the friend no one trusts and must travel into the realms of dragons, all the while running the risk of losing that which is most precious to him. And possibly himself.
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The Shape of Rain
Category : Books
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