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Chicken crispy ingredients & ingredients: 500 g ½ kg of chicken meat 500 ml of water 1 lemongrass stem 2 bay leaves 2 orange leaves 1 lime juice, squeeze the water for lubrication ½ tsp Sasa Cooking oil Smooth seasoning: 1 tsp coriander 5 pecan nuts 2 cm turmeric 5 garlic cloves 5 shallots 1 tsp salt Cremated ingredients: 60 g tapioca / starch / aci flour 20 g of rice flour 150 ml of remaining 150 ml boiled chicken broth water Water 1 egg yolk ½ teaspoon of baking soda How to Make Chicken Kremes: Step I makes the crispy chicken, bring / boil the chicken with the spices before frying the deliciously tender & savory flavorful meat. Tips for the composition of ingredients to make crispy crispy, add the remaining chicken stew water with savory flavoring. Review see step by step below: Cut chicken meat, wash thoroughly, lime juice. Let stand 15 minutes, wash again. Pour 500 ml of water in a pan, add the spices, lemongrass, bay leaves & orange leaves. After that enter the chicken pieces & give the Sasa more savory, stir well. Next pry / boil the chicken with the spices soft & cooked, leaving the cooking water 150 ml of seasoned broth water. Remove the chicken meat from the spices, let it cool & spice absorb, fry in hot golden yellow oil, remove & drain. How to make cremation; Add 150 ml of water with 150 ml of broth to a total of 300 ml  Add tapioca flour, rice flour, egg yolks & baking soda, stir evenly. Heat the cooking oil in a skillet using medium heat, hot oil pour the cremated dough using a vegetable spoon stirring first the flour mixture does not clot under Fried dough forms an ant nest, if the dry bottom is reversed. Do the crispy batter out, drain it from the oil. Cold batter crushed sprinkle on fried chicken, crispy chicken served. Great served with sambal and vegetables.
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