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Title : Window In The Sky
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My recently published book, "Window In The Sky" documents my experiences growing up during the 1970's and coming to terms with being gay at a time when it was only just becoming openly accepted. It was a time that saw the beginnings of the "gay movement" and the world slowly starting to change for the better. The ongoing fight for acceptance and equality has been a struggle ever since and still today there are countries around the world where gay men and women are discriminated against, suffer homophobia and sadly cannot express themselves or their love for one another freely, without fear of persecution. Containing poems, short stories and drawings, the book is a diary of my emotional thoughts and experiences during a time when I was learning to understand myself, my feelings and the ever changing world around me. A time of discovering who I really am. "Window In The Sky " is available to download in digital form, or to purchase as a full colour paperback book with additional art work and photographs, from Amazon. Search Amazon for "Window In The Sky: The Love Ring by Charles Paul Fox"
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