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Main ingredients : Savory Rice Material : 250 gr White Rice 250 gr Red Rice 160 ml Thick / Instant Juice 840 ml Water 2 tsp Salt 3 pieces Leaf Salam 1.5 cm Lengkuas, crushing Field : 2 tbsp Edible Oil 1 Garlic clove, finely chopped 100 gr Teri Medan 1 Chilli Red Rawit, finely chopped 1 Chilli Green Rawit, finely chopped Salt Sugar Way : Put the Nasi Gurih ingredients into TChef Casserole & mix well. Cover with a glass cover & cook on a small 30 minutes mature. Set aside. Heat cooking oil in TChef Fry Pan & add onions white, fragrant stir fry. Enter the teri, chilli, salt, & sugar, stir-fry. Take 2 tablespoons of savory rice & the contents of anchovy, frost form a sphere. Serve.
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