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Main ingredients : 3 chicken eggs 160 gr sugar coarse blender 50 gr white chocolate colata 50 gr DCC Pasha 100 gr butter Palmia / cooking oil 1 tsp SP / Ovalet 50 ml of liquid milk green field can replace Sweetened Condensed Milk Water 100 grated cheese 1/2 tsp BP A pinch of vanilla Salt Way : Melt separately 50 gr DCC, 50 Gr White chocolate, set aside & let it cool to brownies not wavy & prepare baking brownie pan basting margarine bottom of baking sheet with baking paper & margarine basting Beat eggs, sugar, SP, liquid milk & Vanilla 5 minutes / fluffy Put the flour, BP salt sift first shake with the lowest speed mixed For the average dough to be 2, part 1 add the DCC melt .. Stir the pourback method into a baking pan & steam 5 minutes steaming dipanas hot first, cover the layer with a napkin so that the steam water does not drip into the cake Pour melted white chocolate & grated cheese dough ke2 stir back .. pour into a baking pan first brownie brownies .. Steam 45 minutes / stab test with lidi..sel & remove from baking pan .. it tastes good & soft
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