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Title : Any Vampire Readers Here?
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Everything was becoming boring. Life was becoming boring and she so desperately wanted a change. Jasmine wanted out of the big city and into a simpler less chaotic life. When she moves to a small town and enjoys the new friends she has made, she does not realize that her life would change forever, literally. As Belmont’s Moon River Festival begins, Jasmine would make another new friend. One that can only be found after dark and has an insatiable appetite for blood. They meet down by the river and it was that night that would soon offer her a life of immortality. Xavier is in search of his queen who would share the throne with him. He finds Jasmine. Intrigue, strength, and independence show her to be fit for an immortal queen. His associates have other plans. As Xavier courts Jasmine, his associates plan to kill her because she is mortal and should not be queen. After several associates and friends have been destroyed and turned, another evil has come to destroy all vampires in the form of a disease carried by humans. Jasmine is in fear of losing Xavier, the love of her life while carrying their child. Her friends have died, and Xavier has made plans to travel back to his country when he is stricken by this deadly disease. Jasmine is full of grief over Xavier’s death as she plans to take him and their son back to his country as scheduled. She is ready to take her place as queen.
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Reality and Other Horrors (A Collection of Strange Tales)
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