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Title : Between Truth And Eternity
Category : Books
Joshua Boehm is at a crossroads, juggling his professional life of an intergalactic spy with his personal life of a loner and recovering addict. Wanting an existence celebrating the warmness of love instead of lamenting the past and dreading the future, Joshua yearns a normal life and the truth. Not necessarily the best attributes for a secret agent. Meeting the mysterious Myrra Nirvan, Joshua comes to understand that she is the key to defeating the enemy. The mission quickly becomes the most dangerous battle of Joshua’s career. With help from a trinity of spirit guides and a quirky team made up of Joshua's and Myrra's friends can he save the Universe? Can he save himself? Will he find what he’s looking for? Full of hope, romance, love, resolve, and adventure Between Truth and Eternity is as satirical look at the present but through the eyes of the future asking the question, “Are good and evil irrefutable enemies or dogmatic brothers playing chess?”
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Category : Books
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