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Main ingredients : 250 gr peanuts 100 gr corn flakes 1 chocolate bar / Dark Cooking Chocolate 250 gr Springkle / pearl 50 gr Paper cup is small Step : Wash peanuts, then drain. Peanut beans with small ripe / crunchy fire 20 minutes Once cooked, let it cool. After the cold, peel the peanut skin clean & split 2 / crush roughly peeled peanuts, set aside. Note : Peanut peel, practical use peanut peanuts. Cut a small Dark Cooking Chocolate, put it into a stainless pot / container, Dark Cooking Chocolate team stirred melt with low heat. Keep the water out of the brown pot & avoid excessive heat. Using a water-filled pan, a holding pan contains Dark Cooking Chocolate is placed on it. Chocolate melts, turn off the heat. Add peanuts & corn flakes to chocolate. Mix average peanuts & corn flakes flat brown. Prepare a paper cup, fill the paper cup with a mixture of chocolate, sprinkle / decorate on it with colorful springkles / pearls. Do run out. Let the chocolate hard / put into the refrigerator 5 minutes After hard, put into the jar. When inserting chocolate into paper cup, leave the chocolate pan on the wok contains warm water for melted chocolate. Ready cookies Crunchy
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