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Title : Romance for folk who are done adulting.
Category : Books
After “the incident” and years of self-imposed exile, Desmond “Deetz’ Mac Innes returns to Wales. His father has died. In the preceding years, Deetz became a skilled martial artist, slept with everyone - every which way - from San Francisco to Thailand, all the while improving his psychic powers and insightful wit. But on his journey home, he is confronted by another problem, an old crush on his childhood best friend, Angus Reese, soon to be the 12th Earl of Glamorgan. Amidst international intrigues and historical misrepresentations, between hozer beteshuva (“returning in repentance”) and fy anwylyd (“my beloved”), Deetz must lead a unique crew of talented reprobates, including a lusty talking dog and a vengeful chatty cat, to reveal the curious truth within the Roswell Discrepancy.
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"Rebirth" by Debbie Brown
Category : Books
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