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Title : Z Troop The Marrakech Gamble: A Conner Ryan Series Book 2
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Ex-SAS soldier Conner Ryan is blackmailed by the British security services who know about the murder of Conner’s former SAS Officer. Forced to return to the military and the barbaric penal unit titled ‘Z Troop’ Conner finds himself back on the lawless bloody streets of a united Ireland only this time fighting a new brutal civil war alongside the Irish Defence Forces against a fanatical Loyalist terrorist group its ranks swelled with former British soldiers incensed at the betrayal by the British Government. Wrongly blamed for the assassination of a notorious Loyalist leader Billy ‘chainsaw’ Black in Catalonia Conner and his family are targeted for revenge. Sent to Kenya for continuation training Conner is unaware of the threat to his wife and boys on two fronts the Irish Loyalists and his own terrorist brother Declan O’Malley aka Javed Kassem Hanadani now working for Iranian intelligence. The cruel treatment at the hands of ‘Z Troop’ finally pushes Conner to breaking point unable to protect his loved ones. Once again, it’s up to his best friend Russian ex-Spetsnaz soldier Alexi Grebenshchikov who was also sent to ‘Z Troop’ from the notorious Black Dolphin prison in Russia to fight alongside SAS/SBS soldiers in Morocco in a near suicide mission against Hezbollah fighters to protect Conner’s family and finally try to kill O’Malley. Operation Paperclip is a huge gamble with the British security services using Conner’s son as bait. Will the Marrakech gamble pay off?
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