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Title : Saving Andi
Category : Books
SAVING ANDI is a spin off from the St. John Sibling Series. While the St. John Series has been contemporary romance, Saving Andi is romantic suspense. Watch for more novels identified as St. John Sibling Series: FRIENDS as well as the rest of the original series from Award-Winning author Barbara Raffin. Cole McCall is shot, dives off a bluff, and hits his head. Now he has amnesia and can't remember who wants him dead or why. He doesn't even know which side of the law he operates on. Fortunately for him, Andi Johanson finds him at the camp he's broken into. Given her family history of being on the wrong side of the law, her distrust of lawmen, and a guilt she carries over her younger brother's death, she takes Cole home rather than to a hospital and nurses him back to health. But their attraction is jeopardized by their pasts, her secrets, and the fact whoever wants Cole dead has tracked him to Andi's cabin. Of SAVING ANDI, New York Times Bestselling author of the Colorado Trust Series," Stacey Joy Netzel says, "An addicting combination of romance and suspense that grabbed me from page one - don't miss it!" "Barbara Raffin does a wonderful job creating believable characters you can't help but care about and root for. Raffin had me flipping pages hoping Andi would find her happy ever after." Valerie J. Calrizio, author of the Nick Spinelli Mystery Series
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