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Title : Taming Tess
Category : Books
From award-winning contemporary romance author, Barbara Raffin! BTS eMag Red Carpet Review Award 2014 Nominee, TAMING TESS: St. John Sibling Series, Book 1 4 ½ stars: Good Reads When architect Tess Abbot's house catches on fire during renovation, she blames building contractor Roman St. John for the blaze. A man of his word, Roman honors a boast Tess had goaded him into making, that if the job wasn't done on time she could move into his house. As bad an idea as moving in with a hot, marriage-minded man is, the career-minded, never-going-to-marry Tess stubbornly holds him to his word. Of course escalating sexual tension and close quarters confound her determination to keep her hands off the one man who could reduce her to the "June Cleaver" status her father has planned for her—a father whose betrayal has all but destroyed her trust in men. Then there's all the ways Roman differs from her father that's turning their chemistry into love. But Tess adds spark to Roman's life and he likes it. Now all he has to do to win Tess' love and give them the happily ever after ending they both deserve is to tame her...but not too this contemporary version of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew.
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