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Title : Forty Rabbit Holes: The Book of Daydreams
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“Rabbit holes” are, by my definition, those secret places to which we all go to escape the demands placed upon us by modern life. The name was borrowed from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It was when Alice fell down the rabbit hole that she began her grand adventure; it is my wish that you have the same experience with the stories in this book. Forty Rabbit Holes is a collection of 40 vignettes, some no longer than two pages. Each “rabbit hole” is designed to jump-start your imagination, to take you to a place beyond the mundane, a place where normal byways do not lead. Perhaps most importantly, each story is written in the second person, making you the principal character. #Forty #rabbitholes #adventures #imagination #LewisCarroll #AliceinWonderland #shortstories #vignettes #fantasy #strange #weird
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