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Title : "R&B Swagged Out" by LaToya McCray
Category : Books
Shawn is a popular R&B artist that specializes in song writing. He creates songs like no other. From love songs, sex songs, and club bangers, he's an R&B crooner at his best. Even though he's famous, he still deals with issues with his mother and every time he has a relationship with a woman it wouldn't last long. Shawn is a player when it comes to women. He never stops his cheating ways when Aliea is tired of it. Aliea is worried if her relationship with Shawn may end as she deals with Shawn's cheating ways. There is always something going on when Shawn is with a woman. Things get complicated while Shawn never believe in love. Shawn always said that love kills. Everyone that knew Shawn doesn't know what he meant about that, but his grandmother knows. Someone had hurt Shawn back in the day. But, Shawn is afraid to go back in his past to figure out why he can't love and commit to a woman. He would have to deal with a heartbreak all over again.
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Category : Books
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