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Title : Raven's Lament
Category : Books
Raven's Lament "The first time I saw you, was the second time I loved you," wrote Brook Grant in his diary. One problem, the reporter investigates the cutting down of the Golden Spruce only to find out that the legend is true. The ancient native prince trapped inside has been released and so has Raven. Yes, apparently, The Raven. So when a native God steals away your heart and soul, how do you get her back? Well, you hire a shaman who is more whacked than a hockey player's slap shot and nuttier than a squirrel's winter stash. "Yeah, this is going to work, I'll get my lady back and we'll live happily ever after," Brook added to his diary after banging his head several times.
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The Battle for Guiniloupay
Category : Books
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