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Title : Are YOU Afraid to Die?
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Find out why THIS book continually receives 5-Star Ratings, on Amazon!: "*****" "In what must be one of the most enlightening and entertaining exploration(s) of the meaning of the life/death cycle Gary offers a book so immensely readable yet as challenging to the skeptical mind as it is nourishing to the enlightened mind..." "Great book Gary! I love your story and experience! Can't wait to see it in hard cover. Fun easy read! I'm so glad we met." "Food for the Soul" "Gary is..capable of understanding brushes with the metaphysical world not only from their points of conception and meanings but also straight through to their probable outcomes... ...a fascinating glimpse into a mind free of constraint with extra helpings of food for the soul." "Great story telling by someone willing to share his life and death experiences! I will now look for more ways to help someone in a wheel chair..." "I would recommend this book to those that need inspiration and then have a sense of humor !!" "This book is very easy to read. Gary writes with a great sense of humor! he is very inspirational, very empathetic and compassionate..." "Gary went through weeks and weeks of trauma and yet he always kept his wits about him. Well reading his story I felt as though I was there with him every step of the way. At times I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. This book is truly an inspiration to all !!!" "Read This Book! It is discovery, it is healthy, it is funny, and it is joy. Highly Recommended." "Truly inspiring! Despite an incredibly busy schedule I had difficulty putting it down and my mind wandered back to Gary's story throughout the day just waiting to find out what would happen next." "This book made me laugh, cry and mostly powerfully it made me think, to consider things in new and different ways." "Enjoyed the book immensely made me laugh cry and think deeply would highly recommend" "Gary tells his story succinctly in our everyday language. There are meanings (you'll find them) for us to ponder. This book is about the most unusual life and deaths (or near deaths; four to be exact) of Gary Gillett, a serious story told with a big dose of humor. Reviewed by the author of The Children's Story, About Good and Evil."
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