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Title : Vagrant Prince - Book Launch Sale!- Only 99¢
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Battles, blood, and psychological collapse! Grand Renaissance adventure on land and sea! Welcome to my world where paradigms are flipped on their heads. No one has the liberty to be solely hero or villain--but must be both at the same time as they sacrifice all to inflict vengeance on the other. Meet Thomas Ancroft, who as a young boy was nearly burned alive in a church as Admiral Constantyne's steel-wielding English troops assaulted his town. As he grew in age his trauma and lunacy showed itself, leading him and his young companions to torch Constantyne's manor and kidnap his daughter. Join them and consider the parallels in our own time, how conquerors pillage the livelihood of people and thus create the need for crime and violence. Only 99¢ for a limited time. Pick yours up today!
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