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Title : Irish Holiday: A Nude Adventure in Ireland
Category : Books
Irish Holiday: An erotic nude romance. Book 3 of the Nude Pleasures series. Just 99 cents or read for free with kindleUnlimited Follow Jacqueline and Lorenzo as they explore Ireland and each other... Teaser: Their dinner conversation had been light; he talked about his upcoming trip to Ireland. She shared about her day at the veterinary practice. She had gone inside to refill their wine glasses. When she returned he had been standing at the edge of the balcony. She remembered walking over and handing him his glass of wine. He had taken it from her and then leaned down to kiss her. There was something electric about his kisses. She felt as though her insides were melting. She pressed her lips against his and pushed her tongue into his mouth until their tongues began to dance with each other. His free hand reached around her and pulled her body close to his. She could feel his strong muscular body through their clothes and pressed herself against him as they kissed. With her free hand she reached up and nestled her fingers in his hair. The kiss continued. Lorenzo had set his wine glass down on the table, Jacqueline did the same. They wrapped their arms around each other. Jacqueline’s hands felt down his back, tracing the muscles under his shirt, pushing her breasts into his chest as they kissed.
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