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Title : Lost to the sea. Book 1. Orphaned, Apprenticed, Pressed and Prized
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‘Lost to the Sea’ Book 1. Orphaned Apprenticed Pressed and Prized. Set in the 1750’s it charts the life of James Johnson; the son of a fisherman. Orphaned at twelve when his entire family are drowned, he is taken in by the church and educated. A year later, he is apprenticed to a local shipping master and sent to sea on a collier brig. He rises quickly and soon becomes senior Apprentice, but he falls foul of Thomas Brolin, the owner’s nephew who has designs on the family fortune and sees him as a rival for the owner’s daughter Annabel. Brolin hires a highwayman to murder James, but the man sees more profit in selling him to the Press-gang. We follow his trials, tribulations and triumphs as he struggles to cope with the harsh life ‘Before the mast’ on a merchant brig, and later after being taken by the press gang, ‘Below decks’ on a sloop of war.
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