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Title : ORION
Category : Books
Alien warrior Orion is a scientist in a world turned feral! He needs help to find a cure. Evil is everywhere and the Voxian king has been taken. Building a prison for the biggest Voxian warrior in order to test the cure will be a hard job, but with the help of his University professor and his Voxian friends who are not infected, Orion sets out to do just that. The queen Vardu is out to take the human population and turn them into soulless zombies. This second book in the trilogy is Dark Fantasy that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Some terrible losses occur during their fight to bring back their whole population and rescue those of a weaker species from being killed horribly. Orion has to rescue his beloved niece and administer a cure before she turns feral forever, which is a long time for a Voxian. Can the remaining Voxian Warriors rescue their own kind from a fate worse than death? Or will Orion’s world be gone forever. Lucifer the child demon is here to turn the Voxian world upside down, and Leemala the Vardu queen has allied with him, turning all into something new - bad - with no cure, the feral Voxians will hunt their own kind and kill for any species blood they can feed from. Hell on Vox! Bad language & Violence through-out Written in UK English.
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