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Title : SKY
Category : Books
The search to rescue Orion is on - but where has he disappeared to? Satan, the master of Hell gathers together his Demon army and sets out to destroy Kathos, Kathos knows this is to bigger fight, even for him - he cannot battle his demon enemy alone, Sky is sent to convince Layottae, 'The Dragon Queen of Drugall' to help the Voxians call upon new allies and open the portals to the multiverse, allowing those who will to come together to help destroy evil with the Voxians in war of massive proportions. Book 3 of this Fantastic 'Dark Fantasy' is tantalizing, giving a epic battle scene that must end this conflict for good. Synn is on the warpath, will he come to the aid of his demon son, or will his love for his only true love the Goddess' Liilly persuade him to help her people? This novel contains some mild erotic scenes, bad language and violence through-out!
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