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Title : The Greek Tycoon, Book 7: Building A New Life
Category : Books
Atreus & Carla can’t wait to start this new chapter in their life together. With the sale of Kostas Shipping behind them and more than one hundred million dollars in proceeds to invest in something new, the couple has decided to enter the hotel business. And the first stop on their list of possible locations is Scotland! Unfortunately, while both Atreus’s ex-wife & his ex-business partner seem to be out of the picture for good, Carla is not so lucky. Brian is back. And not only is he not alone, this time he has someone on the inside. Someone who can get close to Atreus and help bring him down when he least expects it… Will Atreus & Carla find what they are looking for in Scotland? Will Atreus be satisfied with their new venture or will he come to miss the business he was forced to sell? Could Brian have finally worked his way close enough to Atreus to destroy him? Find out in Building A New Life, Book 7 of “The Greek Tycoon”!
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