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Title : Nick & Lexi, Book 4: DOUBTING LOVE
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AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! Life has finally settled for Evan and Lexi. They have a nice home in their new city of Chicago, promising careers that they are passionate about and a marriage that most would envy. Best of all, they are more madly in love with one another than ever. So when Lexi discovers she's pregnant, she can’t wait to tell Evan that their dream of starting a family together is coming true. That is, until she hears something that shakes her trust and belief in the man she loves. And she's not sure how to handle it. Heading back to Asheville, North Carolina, to sort out her feelings with the help of her best friend, Kendall, she leaves Evan with nothing to do but hope she returns. He doesn't understand why she left or why she was so angry. In fact, as far as he knew, everything was as perfect as ever between them. Still, vowing to give her the space she desires, he stays in Chicago and waits for her to return. Then the doctor calls. She has some concerns regarding the health of the baby...the baby Evan didn’t even know about. What lies ahead for Evan & Lexi? Will the love that they've fought so hard for be enough to see them through? Will their joint concern for their baby bring them back together? Or will they watch their marriage crumble before their family even has a chance to begin? Find out in Doubting Love, Book 4 of Kay Brody's popular series, "Nick & Lexi"! Kay Brody is the author of "The Greek Tycoon”, “The Carlisle Sisters” and "Fighting For Ella". Learn more about Kay and all of her books at Sign up for her newsletter while you're there to receive updates on new releases, special discounts and a FREE STORY (Prelude To The Greek Tycoon) that cannot be found anywhere else!
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Category : Books
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