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Title : My Name Is Jealous
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It's time to rekindle your passion for the Presence of God. It's not time to back off from the things of God. It's time to become "ON FIRE" for Him more than ever before. And in "MY NAME IS JEALOUS" you will discover the SECRET PLACE of the "MOST HIGH" like never before. Written as if God is having a personal conversation with you this timely devotional will cause you to fall in love with Jesus over and over again. Learn why God refers to Himself as JEALOUS. Discover how He yearns for deep intimacy with you and how you can enter into His Glory in ways you may have never thought possible. Jesus paid the price for you to have access into the Father's Presence and be as close to God as you desire to be. It is your blood-brought right. So what's hindering you from walking with Him? Through these pages you will find out how to lay aside every weight and the sin which may have so easily beset you, enter into more deeply into His Presence and discover your true purpose for being. You can never know your purpose outside of God. And the more you know Him the more He will reveal His purpose for you to you. Get your copy by clicking the book. Don't just say you want a closer walk with God this year. Find out how to do just that in "MY NAME IS JEALOUS."
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