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Title : The Necromancer's Hand
Category : Books
Brad Wilson discovers a priceless early colonial saltbox home. But the listing Realtor refuses to show him the property. Everything about the home is authentic, except an upstairs room with half the space walled off. When Brad tears down the partition, he releases a 300-year old curse. Eighteenth century necromancer Elias Cobham reaches across the ages to punish Brad for tampering with spells he cast. In the 1700s Elias punished and and imprisoned his mortal enemy. When Brad decides to rehab the room, he has no idea of the risks involved. He cannot imagine the powers Elias possessed. Georgiann Baldino based her novella of good versus evil on the legend of the Hand of Glory.
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"We the People: Liberty or Death" by Christopher Scott Wagoner
Category : Books
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