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Title : The Dream - Every Dream Comes True
Category : Books
Hey everyone! My name is Harshit Singh and I am 14 years old. I am a writer and this is the 4th book I have written. Everyone have dreams isn’t it? There was a child who also had a dream but such a dream which maximum people don’t have (what I think). His name was Prince, 7 years old, cute and fair boy. Hs life was going normal as everyone’s life spent in the childhood but suddenly he started loving cars and its drawings. In the 10th standard he started doing car designs and uploading them o different social networking websites and got many like for them. Some car brands even liked them! Now the car brands wanted to buy those designs from the boy and they were also offering great value of money for those designs so Prince found this opportunity great and started sell car designs in the age of just 15! Prince was an abnormal child. His brain was so much developed than the other children of his age. For 5 years he was selling designs and he was now a millionaire! But then he thought that this could not go so long, he also needs to make his career but he was not focusing on his studies so he thought that firstly he should finish his studies nicely and then become a professional car designer. A famous car brand named HSC (Just imagine!) was very happy of the designs they bought from Prince so the CEO of the company came to meet Prince and said him that he will take all the expenses what will be needed for Prince’s studies. I think this much info is enough man! Will you the whole book for free! The book is written in a very easy language used in our day to day life which makes the book easy to read. This book has not any age limit so anyone can read it. I hope you will appreciate my efforts I put on writing this book. Thank you and keep reading!
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