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Title : Believe it or not - But our eyes are a camera
Category : Books
Hey everyone! My name is Harshit Singh (writer) and I’m 13 years old. It was my dream to write a novel in my own so I thought why I don’t start it now. So after so much of thinking I chose this topic and started writing on it. Believe it or not but our eyes are a camera! You can’t believe it but I also have evidence and 3 main proofs by which you will also start believing that, Yes our eyes are a camera. This is not only a very interesting book but it will also change your way of looking in your surroundings. About some starting pages of this book is very boring, you will see that I have only written what commonly happen with everyone in a day and what they usually see in their surroundings and also some things which are very common but you don’t usually see them. I will also explain that why something which are very common in your daily life but forget them and also something which are important but you suddenly forget about it well it happens in everyone’s life but if this has not happened with you then you there are only 2 reasons, you are an alien or a god. This book is not only for adults but everyone evens the small children can read this book. The book is written in a very easy and funny language which people use in their daily life. I have not showed off my super perfect English in it so you will enjoy the book to read. I don’t have only written about one topic but also written and proved that anyone can do inventions and if anyone is an inventor then how can he publish it and also have written about the peer-review in brief. I hope that you will appreciate my effort in writing this book and you will enjoy it. Have a good day!
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