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Title : The Contract
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In The Contract, we embark on a startling journey into a world of crime, deception and murder-for-hire. We witness the transformation of a young man into a ruthless assassin and his subsequent quest for redemption. Is there grace for a murderer? EDITORIAL REVIEW OF "THE CONTRACT" The Review (Goodreads Author) Tabitha Ormiston-Smith's review Nov 18, 15 5 of 5 A young boy loses his innocence; a young man takes it back by storm. In this beautifully symmetrical novel, we see the cycle of innocence to evil to innocence completed, the circle closed. Vasudevan's English works in the veins like champagne, sparkling and fizzing and making one happily dizzy. I do feel the book needs editing, but it will take a special editor with extreme delicacy of touch to do justice to this book, and to this very gifted author's unique and distinctive voice.
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